Saturday, June 13, 2009

Aubrey is TWO!!!!

My super duper amazingly awesome little Aubrey turned two last weekend! We had a big "Yo Gabba Gabba" themed party here at our house and almost all of Aubrey's favorite people were able to make it. Here are some photos from the party and her enjoying some of her birthday loot the days following! Thank you to everyone who came and all the kind birthday wishes for my special girl! We really appreciate it.

The Yo Gabba Gabba cake! This took a while to make, but was really fun.

Aubrey and Mommy enjoy the first piece together

Super fun baby doll stroller from "Auntie" Sheri

The kitchen where many delicious pretend meals have already been prepared

Nelly the Elephant helps Aubrey type up some thank you notes on her new laptop from "Auntie" Jennie (Now mommy needs to get crackin on the REAL thank yous!)

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