Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Out With The Old And In With More Stuff

Aubrey's 4th birthday is this week and her big party is next weekend. As she gets bigger, so does all her stuff. Bigger shoes and clothes, bigger toys and more stuff too. I HATE clutter and I'm not a fan of stuff. You will never see me on an episode of Hoarders unless it's me raiding the hoarder houses and selling all their crap on eBay.

In honor of Aubrey's birthday, I'm cleaning house and getting rid of as much old stuff as possible to make room for the new. I'm selling tap and ballet shoes, DVDs, some phones, a shredder, a printer, clothes, ink cartridges, shot glasses and more. It's my virtual garage sale. Woohoo!

I also just took three bags of crap and an old office chair to the Goodwill donation center. What do you do with your STUFF? Do you hold on to things or are you a thrower/seller, like me? If you keep things, what compels you? One last question: Anyone want to buy this wallet?


  1. LOL! Most Asian I know... LOVE STUFF! Designer stuff! Great read, Amy! I used to love stuff... nice stuff... not junk stuff. I had over 3,000 sq ft. home full of stuff. Out with that relationship and out with all the stuff including all the nice stuff and junk stuff. Now I have room to actually spread my wings and not be bruised by all that stuff! Is it a designer wallet?

  2. Well, I'm far from being your typical Asian! And yes, it IS a designer wallet. You can click on the link on the word "wallet". It's a Charlie Lapson. Retails for $210 and I have it on eBay for $49.99! Great deal and it's going in 14 minutes: