Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fresh Brothers Pizza - Play With Your Food!

Aubrey calls him the "Pizza Guy"

I've heard people talk about Fresh Brothers Pizza but had never been to one. Well, lucky me, a brand spankin' new location just opened in my hood so Aubrey and I went to check out the grand opening!
The artist hard at work
To celebrate the new spot, kids got to decorate their own pizza boxes and then make their own personal pizza. We got to sample the cheese and pepperoni pizza as well and check out the new restaurant.
Doing it all by herself!
Ta-Da! Ready for the oven!
Aubrey had so much fun at this celebration, that she requested to go there for her special treat after her first dentist appointment yesterday! She ate MORE pizza and when we went in to use the bathroom, she was beyond thrilled to find out there was a tv in there. This is pure magic for a three year old. OK, I got a little excited too. 
The finished masterpiece
Fresh Brothers is fresh pizza, salads and wings. Simple and good. Good ingredients equals good food and they also have a full gluten-free menu which I think is so awesome. We are not a gluten-free family, but I know it's a big concern for many families today. The other super cool thing for all you parents out there, is the kids' special pizza sauce that they make - it has several different veggies blended into it and the kids don't even know. It really is delicious!

This is fun!
Click HERE to see their entire menu!
We don't eat out a lot as we are trying to save money spend more time together at home as a family, but this is the kind of place that is fun to go to as a family. The kids get a ball of dough to play with while you wait for your meal, the food is delicious for adults and kids and the prices are reasonable. The walls are also lined with plasma TVs so you can watch Nick Jr, CNN and ESPN all at the same time. 

Fresh Brothers also delivers and there are now five different SoCal locations to choose from: Redondo Beach, Marina Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Westlake Village and Calabasas. 

I was not paid for this post - just got some awesome pizza samples and a child with a messy, happy face. All opinions expressed here are my own. So there.

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