Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hi from Milwaukee, WI

This mama is on the road all week in America's Dairyland; Wisconsin. I have two shows behind me this stretch and four more to go before I head home for a day and a half.

Sadly, I'll be missing my boyfriend's birthday on the 12th and as always, I miss him and my little girl, Aubrey. The comedian does not live a glamorous life nor and easy one. I'm all screwed up on the time changes - especially since daylight savings just ended too - and I haven't been exercising so I don't feel so awesome right now. Tomorrow, I'll get on that. I was bummed when I arrived at my hotel to find out the hotel gym is being remodeled right now. Boo!

But I do get to see the country and sometimes the world. Why, tomorrow I'll be driving to the exciting town of Appleton, WI and then on to La Crosse, Superior and Platteville. WOOT!

It's late - better get to bed. Big day of driving and luggage schlepping tomorrow. 

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