Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Comedian Amy Anderson On The Road Part III: Snow Storm!!

Greetings from Marshall, MN - the southwestern part of the state! A big chunk of the Midwest got hit with a snowstorm overnight and lucky me, it includes all the areas I'm currently in and supposed to be driving through today and tomorrow.

When I checked forecasts before leaving CA, it didn't look like this kind of weather was going to happen, so I didn't bring any gloves or a hat or even my regular winter jacket (smart, Anderson) but I'm a true Minnesotan at heart. I've had my cheap hotel waffle and a hot beverage and I'm ready to brush off that car and head to South Dakota! Nothing can stop my comedy. (Except maybe a Krispy Kreme donut.) (Or a little more snow.)


  1. Um..yeah the video...that was a snow quickly you forget the MN lingo. Fun to hear your voice again. It's been oh about 20 some years...

  2. OMG - what did I call it? A snow PLOW or something? LOL I can't bear to go back and watch it. I made a video of me singing in the car today. I was going to upload it, but now I think I'm too embarrassed. I was SO bored. If I never drive across Iowa again in my lifetime, that would be AOK with me.