Friday, December 2, 2011

To Do: Get Lots Of Stuff Done

This is how my desk looked all week. OK, it still looks like this, but I moved the stuff off of my computer to the side so I could type. Please ignore the laundry hanging in the background. It's not like my office is actually the "laundry room" or something lame like that.

I'm having one of those rare days...let's call it a... SUPER PRODUCTIVE DAY! Why? Why am I getting so much stuff done you ask? Because my boyfriend is at work and my kid is at her dad's. I'm in an empty house!! (cue the angel voices) AHHHHH!!!!!!

I let our nanny go after Aubrey booked Modern Family because since I started managing her, I'm either with her all the time at the studio or at home, or I'm on the road and she's at her dad's. It doesn't happen very often that I'm at home alone, but when it does, I go into superhuman mode and get amazing shit loads of stuff accomplished. Why, just today before 6pm, I...

- Finished my whole cup of tea at breakfast while it was hot - amazing
- Washed and folded 3 loads of laundry
- Read 2 magazines from start to finish over lunch
- Ate my lunch without having to get up and cut someone's food, get someone more food, get someone different food or wipe anyone's butt (I'll let you guess if that's the kid or boyfriend)
- Brought a load of old clothes to the re-sell shop
- Brought a pair of pants into the tailor's
- Picked up the mail from the po box
- Bought a gift
- Finished writing a tv series treatment that has been on the back burner for 5 months
- Activated my new iPhone and set up the apps, email, etc
- Updated my performance calendar and organized my current show contracts
- Got an audition on the calendar for next Monday
- Caught up on my emails
- Made egg salad
- Took out the trash and recycling
- Dropped off my e-waste that has been sitting in a bag on my office floor for a year, at a drop-off site
- Pooped without the dog or a 4 yr old coming into the room to talk to me (yes, my dog talks)
- And now, I'm even blogging!

Before I had a kid, I was like this every day, but rather than laundry and household errands, I was focused on my career and myself. I worked from the second I got up until the second I went to bed. I exercised 6 days a week and I was 103 lbs, strong and fast. My career had some great momentum. I had a social life. I knew what day of the week it was and the name of the current president. I miss those days. I mourn the loss of that life. 

Now I have a little muffin top and my day gets divided up into mom duties, career stuff, domestic chores and there's a man, a kid and a dog who all seem to want something from me at different times. 

But it's all good. I don't think I'll ever find a balance, but somehow it's all working out. My career is maybe going to move a little slower this way, but we haven't starved to death yet (even if I did have to take a shitty side job this summer) and I'm starting to feel more ok about that than I did the first couple years of motherhood.

There aren't a lot of advantages to co-parenting with an ex you don't particularly care for, but then there are days like these. I'm lucky to get a super productive day alone every once in a while. It keeps me human so for that I'm grateful. Now if you'll excuse me, my dog wants to talk to me about something and I promised her a couple minutes of my time.

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  1. Well, I was not half that productive today, and I have no kids or currently, a man. So what's my excuse?